Richard Avedon (1923–2004) revolutionized fashion photography starting in the post-World War II era and redefined the role of the fashion photographer. Anticipating many of the cultural cross-fertilizations that have occurred between high art, commercial art, fashion, advertising, and pop culture in the last twenty years, he created spirited, imaginative photographs that showed fashion and the modern woman in a new light. He shook up the chilly, static formulas of the fashion photograph and by 1950 was the most imitated American editorial photographer. Injecting a forthright, American energy into a business that had been dominated by Europeans, Avedon's stylistic innovations continue to influence photographers around the world.

對時尚界有革命性影響的攝影師Richard Avedon (1923-2004),職業生涯開始於二次大戰後時代,他重新定義了時尚攝影師的角色。在過去 20年中,從許多文化相互撞擊、交流之中產生高級藝術、商業藝術、時裝、廣告,和流行文化。他創造出一種精神,顯示時尚與現代女性的富有想像力的照片。他震驚了整個時尚界和藝術界,替原本靜態的注入一股新能量。而這股風氣很快就吹襲到歐洲,Avedon的此項革新也繼續影響世界各地的攝影師。
This exhibition is the most comprehensive exploration to date of Avedon's fashion photography during his long career at Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, The New Yorker, and beyond. Working closely with The Richard Avedon Foundation, ICP curator Carol Squiers and guest curator Vince Aletti present new scholarship on the evolution and extraordinary, ongoing impact of his work. The exhibition features 175 works by Richard Avedon, spanning his entire career, and includes vintage and edition prints, contact sheets, and original magazines.
這個展覽可以說最全面地呈現Avedon他漫長的職業生涯,包括他替Harper's Bazaar、Vogue、The New Yorker……等知名時尚雜誌掌鏡。與Richard Avedon 基金會密切合作之下, ICP館長Carol Squiers與客座顧問 Vince Aletti因為Richard Avedon對於攝影界非凡的改革與貢獻而提出獎學金計畫。該展覽展出175件Richard Avedon的攝影作品,橫跨他整個職業生涯。包括打印版本,和最初雜誌上的版本。
The exhibition was organized by the International Center of Photography with the cooperation of The Richard Avedon Foundation, New York; Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco; and Pace/MacGill Gallery, New York. This exhibition and its catalogue were made possible with a major lead grant from the Henry Luce Foundation. Additional support was received from the ICP Exhibitions Committee, National Endowment for the Arts, Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, Clémence and William von Mueffling, Mary Ann and Frank Arisman, Harper's Bazaar, The John and Annamaria Phillips Foundation, Joseph and Joan Cullman Foundation for the Arts, and Mark McCain.
該展覽是由國際攝影中心與Richard Avedon基金會、舊金山的Fraenkel藝廊與紐約的Pace/MacGill藝廊共同合作。同時也得到與多人或單位的大力支持,包括Henry Luce基金會、ICP展覽委員會、國家藝術基金會、Robert Mapplethorpe基金會、Clémence和William von Mueffling、Mary Ann和Frank Arisman、Harper's Bazaar、The John and Annamaria Phillips基金會、Joseph和Joan Cullman藝術基金會,還有Mark McCain.。

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